ALTA Heating and Air serves both residential and commercial.

Our technicians have over 30 years of HVAC experience. We take pride in being well trained, experienced, and honest. ALTA Heating and Air is certified for air balance in residential and light commercial applications. We can design and install new heating, air conditioning and radiant/hydronic systems in new construction and exsisting residential and commercial applications. Service and repair residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and radiant systems.

Central Heat and Air Conditioning

Radiant Heat



Control Systems

System Installation

System Replacement

Service All Makes and Models

Preventative Maintenance

Certified Technicians

Central Heat & Air

ALTA can install or replace your HVAC system. Our service technicians specialize in worry free installations of the most advanced energy efficiency heating and cooling equipment on the market.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heating is efficient and economical, it keeps your family cozy and comfortable by turning surface areas like floors and ceilings into large low temperature radiators. That means no socks necessary this winter. Radiant floor heating systems are a very comfortable and energy efficient heating system.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance services can potentially add years to the working life of your HVAC system.  A well-maintained comfort system means lower utility bills, as your system will be working as efficiently as possible.

High Efficiency

Many homeowners don’t consider the performance of their comfort system, however long term energy costs are big drain on finances for many homeowners. The installation of high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners can dramatically reduce heating and cooling energy costs. There is also the additional benefits of improved comfort, quieter operation and longer life.